Dumbass Sayings: “Bring It!”

When you’re at Dave & Busters eating chicken wings and you accidentally spill beer on a woman sometimes her husband will stand up and say “You wanna go? Okay, punk! BRING IT! BRING IT!” Excuse me? Bring it? Bring what? A bag of orange slices? Spinach dip? A bottle of wine? What exactly am I supposed to be bringing here? I don’t understand this saying at all. I think what they mean to say is “Bring an apology” in which case, fine “I’m sorry.” I have no problem with apologizing for a misunderstanding. Usually people don’t bring an apology though, they bring drunken rage and a fight ensues. Whenever someone tells me to “Bring it” I answer right back by saying “Bring it!” We keep shouting this at each other a few times until everyone is thoroughly confused and we just walk away.

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