Dumbass Saying: “Butchering A Name”

Those must all be
Greek names.
If you have a name longer than six syllables usually when someone has to read it outloud they’ll say “I apologize, I’m going to butcher your name…” And then a load of horse crap just comes tumbling out of their mouth that doesn’t sound anything like McFartnuggets at all. It’s pronounced “McFartnougeaus” but don’t expect any of these cretins to know that. Why do they say “Butchering” a name? Is that the only word you can use that’s strong enough to describe what you’re doing to someone’s name by mispronouncing it? I never “butcher” someone’s name, if anything I tell them “I’m going to give your name some plastic surgery” and I pronounce it in a much more efficient way so hopefully by the end it comes out of my mouth much nicer than it went in my eyeballs.

Saying you’re going to butcher someone’s name is also a bad thing to say because what if you’re talking to someone who had their family butchered by a madman. Now you’ve reopened that wound for the person AND made a hack job of their name on top of it all! That’s no way to start your 3rd grade class, Mrs. Teagarden!

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