Dumbass Sayings: “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned”

Maybe hell is red because
of period blood?
I get that women can be mean when you get them mad, but worse than anything hell can come up with? That can’t be right. This is a very sexist saying in my opinion. Anyone can act hellish and crazy when they’re “scorned” whatever the hell that means. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Jeffrey Dahmer or Josef Mengele could go toe to toe with any woman when it comes to hell-like torture and they were men. Who was the last woman who ate a guy’s balls while he was still alive? To me that’s something you’d see in Hell, yet women don’t do that. The worst thing a woman can do is cut your genitals off, don’t get me wrong, that’s bad, but they rarely mutilate or cannibalize them or surgically attach them to someone else’s head afterwards. Those are strictly crazy serial killer man moves. I’m not challenging women to do this to prove me wrong, I’m just going with facts here.

This saying is just a way to say women are insanely crazy and emotional and that’s not right. On average women have a base level of craziness that is higher than men, no one’s arguing that, but when it comes to top level maximum craziness, men win that one. And when you’re talking about Hell, people assume you’re talking about top level maximum craziness with goat demons vomiting wasps into your ass, pouring molten lava in your eye sockets, etc. If I get to Hell and it’s just a bunch of women PMS’ing it clearly won’t be a treat, but I’ll consider that a gift compared to what I was expecting.

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