Dumbass Sayings: “A Parent Should Never Outlive Their Child”

If you want your
child to outlive you,
don't do this 
you're drunk.
Sometimes when a parent finds out their child is terminally ill people will tell them “A parent should never outlive their child.” That seems like it might be a harmless enough thing to say, but if you actually pay attention it sort of sounds like you’re telling the parent to kill themselves. If you’re telling them that a parent should never outlive their child and they know their child will be dying soon then to fulfill that belief they will have to commit suicide. These parents are having a hard enough time as it is dealing with the impeding loss of their child. Who are you to tell them to kill themselves? They’re probably already thinking about it so don’t even go there. Instead, try saying “Children should live longer than their parents.” That basically means the same thing you’re trying to say except it frames it in a more positive light. Instead of focusing on the parent killing themselves it focuses on the child’s health and getting them to outlive their parents. Just be careful with the words you choose around people especially when they’re dealing with a family crisis.

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