Ask McFartnuggets: “Should Mrs. Doubtfire Get A Sequel?”

Dressing like a woman is fun when
you're young, but it gets pretty
sad as you become older.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
They’ve announced a sequel to “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Do you think this is good news? What would you like to see in “Mrs. Doubtfire 2” -- Charlie from Tennessee

Dear Charlie:
Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of “Mrs. Doubtfire.” To me, there’s nothing funnier than transvestites trying to win back custody of their children. I even laugh when it happens in real life. Most people think it’s creepy, I think it’s funny. That being said, I’m not sure a sequel will be that great. For starters, Robin Williams hasn’t really been on a roll as of late. His movies have progressively gotten worse sort of like Eddie Murphy or Cuba Gooding Jr.

I don’t know what they could even do with a plot for “Mrs. Doubtfire 2.” Maybe in the sequel, Robin Williams is so used to being an old English lady that he’s decided to make the full transformation and get a permanent sex change. The thing is, it’s become a different world since the original film came out in 1993. People are more used to seeing stuff like that in real life and maybe they even know or have family that have had sex changes or gender identity issues so it’s not as hilarious to them as it should be.

Personally I hope Christopher Nolan reboots “Mrs. Doubtfire” with Michael Caine in the titular role playing an English man posing as an American woman and maybe Robin Williams can have a cameo along with Morgan Freeman and all them. That to me would be something to get hyped about. As it is, I’m not sure what to expect from a “Mrs. Doubtfire 2: Still Wearin’ Panties”, but it should be interesting that’s for sure.

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