Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Aren’t There Ever Any UFO Sightings In Africa?”

Droughts aren't great for
crop circles.
Dear McFartnuggets: How come you never hear about UFO sightings in Africa? UFO sightings are always in North America, South America or Asia, no one in Africa ever sees a UFO? What’s the deal here? Are aliens not interested in Africa for some reason? -- Sally from Dublin, Ohio

Dear Sally:
Just because you don’t hear about UFO sightings in Africa as much as other places doesn’t mean there aren’t any. There might be more UFOs over Africa than any other place. If I was an alien that’s where I would go. I would go fly around where no one has a cell phone or camcorder. Obviously aliens don’t want to be seen, if they did they’d just land and introduce themselves. It must be only the dumb ones that fly over heavily populated areas that have access to technology. Those are probably rogue teenage aliens who broke away from their home planet to piss their alien parents off by breaking the rules. The wise adult aliens are mutilating animals and abducting African people while never being seen. Even if they are seen, without video proof usually no one will believe a person. On top of that there aren’t many news outlets in Africa to report these sightings to so that’s why you never hear about aliens in Africa.

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