Dumbass Sayings: “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”

Breaking up is only hard
to do when you're referring
to bone fractures.
Whoever said “Breaking up is hard to do” clearly never walked in on their wife blowing their brother before. Choosing to break up a relationship after seeing something like that is not exactly a difficult decision, Janice! In situations like that, staying together is the hard to do. That’s the real saying here. Forget breaking up! Maintaining a relationship based on lies with giant skeletons buried under the floorboards is the hard thing to do and we did it so well didn’t we, Jan? Of course I didn’t know about it, but you and Corky sure as hell did. I bet you thought ending it was pretty easy too. You’re the one who had to keep all that shit a secret this whole damn time. Was it easy? Answer me damnit! I’m certain that breaking up was the easiest part of the whole charade we called a marriage for five goddamned years. Breaking up can be really easy when it’s the relationship equivalent of putting down a rabid dog. And Corky, if you’re reading this, I’m glad you decided to infect my marriage with your rabies. I’m sure you’ll have a great time together, that is until the next diseased mutt comes along.

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