Dumbass Sayings: “Offering Thoughts And Prayers”

If thoughts hold value
aren't we all kings?
When a loved one dies you’ll usually experience a lot of people approaching you saying “We offer you our thoughts and prayers during the difficult time.” Why do they “Offer”? What are you supposed to do when this offer is made? What if you accept the offer? Then what? Then they just walk away. Shouldn’t they stand there and start praying in front of you? I mean why offer if you’re not going to follow through on your word? Am I just supposed to assume they’re going to pray later? Call me cynical, but I know the old adage, “Out of sight out of mind” and I know that when they get home they’re probably just going to watch “The Voice” and completely forget about my dead loved one. 

What’s the point of these people praying at home if no one’s there to see it? Pray in front of me so I can know how much you care. Offer your thoughts while you’re actually in front of me otherwise there’s no point in making the offer other than to just be polite. Is that all this is? Is it just a way to be polite? What kind of patronizing display of mockery is that? The only reason people “offer” is because they know the other person won’t take them up on it. It’s the same as saying “If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.” They are counting on you NOT asking. You can tell because as soon as you ask them to help you move they back away REAL FAST.

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