Dumbass Sayings: “Rubs Me The Wrong Way”

This would be the
"wrong way."
If there’s some creepy guy at work that you’ve been having problems with you say “He rubs me the wrong way.” The trouble with this saying is there’s no proper antithesis. There’s no such thing as being “rubbed the right way” by someone. You would never say “Yeah, turns out me and Jeff have a lot in common. He definitely rubs me the right way. That’s why we’ve been hanging out so much.” You can’t say things like that because people will assume you’re in a homosexual relationship with your co-worker. Now maybe you are and if you are then that’s your business, but if you’re not then that’s probably not the message you want to be sending out there. Before you know it everyone at work is spreading rumors that you’re going to get married and they start asking you where you’re registered and everyone’s preparing for this huge gay wedding that’s not happening. It’s wrong to disappoint people like that. If you can’t be rubbed the right way then you can’t be rubbed the wrong way which means this saying is useless and serves only to confuse people with it’s odd sexual overtones.

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