Dumbass Sayings: “You Get Out What You Put In”

Thank god we don't
get in what we put out.
A lot of people say “You get out what you put in” and that might make sense when you’re talking about effort and practicing a sport or something, but it doesn’t make sense at all when you’re talking about food. When it comes to food you always get out fecal matter. Does that mean you just put crap in? No. Sometimes you can put a lot of good stuff in like bacon and cheeseburgers and then it goes through some ridiculous process of digestion and fermentation and by the time it comes out it’s a giant steaming load of shit. The only time you get out what you put in is if you’re just swallowing whole peanuts and whole corn kernels. THEN you get out what you put in, but who does that? That should only happen by accident from eating a little too fast and not chewing your food. Otherwise, there’s no reason to want that to happen. If you’re shitting out exactly what you put in, what is the damn point of even eating? Nothing happened! This is a stupid saying.

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