Dumbass Sayings: “You’re Trying Too Hard”

They're trying too hard.
Sometimes when you’re dancing in the middle of Red Lobster rubbing shrimp scampi against your nipples and everyone’s laughing someone will start booing and say “You’re trying too hard.” This is the problem with America these days. Since when is trying too hard a bad thing? If you’re trying to do something you should try as hard as you can whether it’s finding a cure for Cancer or inventing a better robot or even just making people laugh at Red Lobster. If anyone tells you “You’re trying too hard” take that as a compliment. What if when Abraham Lincoln was writing the Emancipation Proclamation someone walked up and said “Dude, you’re trying too hard…” Well people actually did say that, The South said that. But what did Abraham Lincoln do? He tried even harder after that and got it implemented and began the long process of entirely eliminating slavery in the United States. People who are afraid of trying too hard are a huge part of the reason we’re suffering in such a shitty economy. Sometimes you just have to try too hard because trying hard isn’t always good enough. Those kids in China making iPhones are trying TOO hard and they’re the ones with jobs. It’s time to reconsider what it means to try too hard.

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