The Top 5 Weirdest Places To Kiss Someone

The cheek is a pretty
normal place to kiss.
Kissing can be awkward if you don’t know where to do it. Nothing ruins a first date like going in for the kiss and being in the wrong part of the human anatomy. Most of the time people consider it normal to kiss on the mouth or on the cheek, sometimes even the genitals. Other acceptable places to kiss someone are the forehead and hand, but there are a load of other places you should not kiss people and here are the top 5:

5. Nose
If you want to Eskimo kiss someone please keep in mind that all you need to do is rub your nose against the other person’s nose. You don’t lick and suck the person’s nose. That’s something altogether different and usually scares people.

Making out with someone's nose is a good way to get yourself sick.

4. Ear
Kissing ears is strange and it’s not exactly recommended considering there might be a lot of waxy build up and if you’re a loud kisser you could make the person go deaf.

Try not to kiss anyone on the ear who just had a fresh piercing as you may infect it.

3. Kneecap
Not many people kiss kneecaps for a reason, it’s weird. There’s no real reason to be kissing someone’s knee. It doesn’t do you or them any good.

The only way you should be kissing someone's patella is accidentally when they're attacking you with a flying knee strike.

2. Armpit
You must really love someone to be kissing their armpit. And they should love you to otherwise this can be very awkward. For example, if you’re going to kiss a homeless person, avoid the armpits at all cost.

Most people use underarm deodorant that is not safe for human consumption.

And the number one weirdest place to kiss someone is…

1. The eyeballs
Making out with people’s eyes is equal parts strange and dangerous. Some people might have nice eyes, but that doesn’t mean you should kiss them. Kissing eyeballs is a great way to spread germs and cause infections. You won’t think that homeless lady’s eyes are so pretty when they’re covered in conjunctivitis!

I think it'd be best for everyone if you just leave people's eyeballs alone.

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