The Top 5 Ways To Tell Your Ex Still Wants You Back

She loved that damn broom.
After a relationship ends it’s not uncommon for both sides to realize they had true love the whole time and want to get back together. There are always signs that people give off, sometimes unconsciously that can let you know there are still feelings in their heart for you. The key is to notice these signs when they’re displayed and pounce like a rabid lynx while they’re showing their true feelings. Here are the top five ways to tell your ex still wants you back in their life:

5. They ‘like’ your status updates.
Whenever you post some of your fav song lyrics on Facebook and your ex thumbs it up you know there’s something still there. Why did they do that? It’s because they remember how much you both love Smashmouth and maybe it’s time to get the All-Star team back together again.

Any time you get a thumbs up that's good, unless you just posted that your parents died.

4. They send you Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook.
When people write “Happy Birthday!” on Facebook that means they really care. You can’t fake that kind of gesture. It shows that you’re on their mind, after they’ve seen other people wish you a Happy Birthday.

Christ! Get a load of that lady's face!

3. You catch them sifting through your garbage.
This is an obvious sign your ex is still interested in you. If someone’s willing to go through your trash then there’s clearly a lot on their mind. Maybe the garbage is a symbol for your relationship and they’re trying to figure out what really went wrong.

Just be careful, sometimes it's not your ex. In fact, most of the time it's a hobo wearing a similar sweater.

2. They come to PTA meetings for your children.
Even if you’ve agreed that you will take care of the kids, if your ex still shows up to some of the Parent Teacher conferences and events for your kids then that’s definitely a good sign. It shows they still really care about the kids and since those kids are technically tiny yous, in a way, they also want you back too. Maybe deep down they want to be the family you guys should have been from the start.

First step of learning: face the right goddamn way during class.

And the number one way to tell your ex still wants you is...

1. They’ve hired a hitman.
If your ex has actually paid thousands of dollars for someone to kill you AFTER the relationship is over then that means you are really on their mind A LOT. They probably feel frustrated about how it ended and can’t really communicate that in words so in their own quirky way they’ve sent a man to murder you and make it look like an accident or even a suicide. It’s a classic example of “If I can’t have them, no one can.” Usually if you find out your ex has hired a hitman and you’ve somehow survived it’s a good idea to call them up and reconcile your differences because clearly there’s still a lot of emotion there.

Just trying to enjoy a camping trip and I gotta deal with this shit?! LET IT GO, JANINE!

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