Dumbass Sayings: “I Hate Goodbyes”

The hardest part of taking a
hostage is saying goodbye.
When social services comes to take your children to live with a foster family, your kids will usually start crying, give you a hug and say “I hate goodbyes.” To me this seems like a silly thing to say. Who likes goodbyes? You may as well say something else completely obvious like “Urine tastes funny”, “You shouldn’t have let us go to the zoo alone that many times” or “I love you.” Why is stating the obvious so popular with people? I thought I raised these kids better than that. Sometimes you don’t need words. Sometimes silence and the emotions we’re feeling say it all. It’s about the look in your eyes. The tears rolling down your cheeks are the only thing I need to see to know goodbyes hurt. I know. It’s going to be okay. This is the start of your new life. I know I messed up bad. I’m just not ready to be a parent. Maybe one day when I get my life together I’ll come visit you and we’ll have a talk with your foster family and maybe the judge will work something out for us. Til then, don’t hate goodbyes, sweethearts. Don’t hate goodbyes.

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