The Top 5 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers tend to enjoy
With Mother’s Day coming up, a lot of bad people who have forgotten their mother or put off buying a gift have to start scrambling. One of the toughest parts of Mother’s Day is deciding what to buy for a gift. Most people buy gift certificates for spa days, flowers, and chocolate covered strawberries and those are all good. However, there are bad gift choices for Mother’s Day that you definitely want to avoid. Here are the top five worst gifts to give your mom on Mother’s Day:

5. A samurai sword
Most people would love a samurai sword, but mothers typically don’t enjoy swords. When was the last time you saw any mother wielding a samurai sword? It’s just an ill fitting gift anyway you SLICE IT.

Don't be the asshole who buys their mother a samurai sword just so you can keep it for yourself.

4. “Oz” on DVD
Your mother doesn’t want to watch “Oz."

Most moms aren't huge fans of prison rape.

3. A drum kit
There aren’t a great deal of aging female drummers out there for a reason. I’m not sure what that reason is, but most older women aren’t a big fan of percussion. Just imagine your mother drumming really well. It doesn’t look right in your head, does it?

Is your mother the next Gene Krupa? Probably not.

2. An Xbox One
Most mothers aren’t a fan of video games. Most people do enjoy them when they’re introduced to it, but moms don’t really have time to start gaming. God forbid she gets really into it, there’s nothing worse than your mom beating you at Halo.

Yeah this is every mother's dream right here.

And the number one worst Mother’s Day gift to get for your mother is…

1. Ben Wa balls
Ben Wa balls or “orgasm balls” are meant to be inserted and held in the vagina for pleasure. This is not a good gift to buy your mother. It might be something she would enjoy, but it’s just not a proper Mother’s Day gift.

Even though they can help urinary incontinence, DON'T DO IT.

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