Disneyland's Racist White Rabbit Refused To Touch Black Kids

Jason and Annelia Black are suing Disneyland because they claim that the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland pushed their African American children away instead of taking pictures with them and then was later seen getting chummy Caucasian kids. According to Yahoo the family was offered VIP passes, but the Blacks (that's the family's name) turned the passes down and demanded a public apology and the White Rabbit be fired.

Disneyland played this wrong. They should have just apologized and "fired" the rabbit. This incident occurred in August of 2012 so that's plenty of time to come to a resolution on this. Now everyone knows and while most people are taking the side against the family, there are still people who support the family because if it IS true then the whole story is pretty messed up. What's the big deal about firing the rabbit? You can just "make believe" and pretend to fire the guy then move him to another costume or better yet, just keep him in the same costume because no one can tell whether he's in there or not!

The REAL issue here is why are kids still enamored with adults wearing plush costumes pretending to be the animals they see in the movies? If it's possible for the characters to be racist then it's obvious they're not the real characters. These aren't beloved cartoon characters, they're sad, dehydrated people who have flaws just like the rest of us. Who knows why the white rabbit didn't touch those kids, frankly I think it'd be better off if no one touched kids ever. Disneyland and Six Flags should institute a no-touching policy and make it more like a strip club experience. The character being there is like a lap dance. It's a bit of a thrill, but ultimately unsatisfying, and then you go home, down five hundred dollars bragging about how you had the best time of your life.

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