Did The NFL Cause The Super Bowl Power Outage on Purpose?

Considering the fact that television ratings stayed high during the outage and we live in a social media age where a blackout would be sure to create an unprecedented buzz, and that the game was about to be a blow out when the outage occurred right after a huge kickoff touchdown for the Ravens, it's safe to say that the NFL itself is at least a suspect in the mystery of who caused the Super Bowl power outage.

It's not crazy to think that the commissioner Roger Goodell (who's really concerned about ratings and competitive games even when it's the Pro Bowl) would have this planned as a fun practical joke/scheme for the people of New Orleans. Of course Goodell and New Orleans don't have a great relationship ever since the whole Bountygate scandal where he suspended the Saints' head coach for an entire season so needless to say there must have been a few death threats sent to Goodell and his family from the great people of New Orleans, but that's just extra motive for Goodell.

The real reason would be for increased revenue, more commercial ad time, and maybe even exclusive ad deals with companies that were privy to the plan like Nabisco who makes Oreos. Within moments after the blackout, Oreo released an ad that said "You can still dunk in the dark" which is very suspicious and also by the way makes no sense... You cannot dunk a cookie in milk in the dark. No one with any common sense is recommending you try that. You will probably end up tipping the glass over and then you've got broken glass and milk all over the floor in the dark which is very dangerous.

And to top it all off the NFL has been very secretive about the investigation and possible causes or theories which of course breeds even more suspicion. I'm not saying they did it, but if they did, I enjoyed it and I hope it happens again.

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