Is Beyonce Really An Illuminati Lizard Person?

Beyonce is now receiving criticism for flashing an Illuminati gang sign during her Super Bowl 47 half time performance. Could it be that the ringleader of Destiny's Child is a real subterranean reptilian creature working in cahoots with the Freemasons to cause the ultimate destruction of Earth? It's possible.

First of all, how did "Bootylicious" make it into the Webster's English Dictionary as a real word without the influence of some powerful overlord friends in high places? Second, the phrase "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" is quite telling. Experts still aren't sure what exactly Beyonce is talking about when she says "jelly" but if we are to believe that she is in fact a member of the Illuminati then perhaps the "jelly" is some sort of higher stage of enlightenment that only her and other underground lizard folk are allowed to experience. That would make her song basically all about taunting the stupid normal citizens of the world as she dances around flashing her Illuminati vagina sign at people.

Also her name "Beyonce Knowles" is suspicious. "Beyonce" has the root "Beyond" meaning "Farther" or "Outside the understanding, reach, or limits" and "Knowles" is practically the word "Knowledge" which means "Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles" and "Acquaintance or familiarity gained by sight". SIGHT, like the sight of the all seeing eye, aka the vagina signal she made with her hands during her Super Bowl performance. Could it be that very sight which makes her Beyond Knowledge?

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  1. I work at a restaurant and one day Beyonce came in with Jay Z. She ordered Buttered A & T. Dont worry the chef knows what that is. I didnt think much of it. When I was given the meal though it was in a locked container which I found extremely odd. She however left early too attend another meeting. I went to throw it out but the chef said he would take care of it. I found this odd. I watched as he threw it into the bin outside

    I snuck out and checked and the bin was filled with ants and termites covered in butter sauce. She is clearly a lizard person and the media know it too