Should Guys With Manboobs Get Mammograms?

We tend to forget that Breast Cancer can happen to men too. If you do have manboobs then you are of course at an increased risk of Breast Cancer right off the bat. If you find yourself lactating at all, that's also a sign you are at risk.

The real question is, what exactly constitutes manboobs? Well, the easy way to check is if you jump up and down and people on the street stare at your chest, there's a fantastic chance you have male breasts. Once you've determined that, it's important to be aware of your manbreasts. Don't just ignore them, give them a squeeze every now and again to check for lumps. Trust me, it might feel awkward and embarrassing, but the people on the bus will get over it. Tell them to mind their damn business, it's YOUR LIFE.

If you maintain a decent self-breast checking schedule, the need for a mammogram may not be very high at all. Bite the bullet, squeeze your tiddies, and if you feel something say something! Now on the other hand if you have massive manboobs, the type that most people think should require a support bra you may want to consult with your physician about the proper way to stay ahead of Breast Cancer.

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