Obese Role Models For Fat Kids

With childhood obesity on the rise, there's never been a better time to be a fat kid. Raising a fat child is always difficult, figuratively and literally, but it's getting easier. There are so many awesome hefty role models out there right now, probably more than ever.

Melissa McCarthy is the closest thing we have right now to Chris Farley and is proving once and for all that women are capable of physical comedy. Then there's Chris Christie, a potential future President of the United States. Christie proves that being large actually makes you a better leader because people know you're fearless. You stare diabetes and heart failure right in the eye every day and say "Screw that, I'm eating this ice cream cake!" That's the type of courage we're going to need in the future.

Gone are the days of Fat Bastard and Fat Albert. We now finally have real life fat people to look up to, or around to. Having extra chins used to be a sign of being pathetic, now it's like the number of rings on a tree displaying wisdom and strength. Now when you're out with your fat kid you can point to these pioneers and instead of sneering as people would in the past, you can point with pride and say "That could be you some day, son. Now let's go get dinner at Baskin & Robbins!

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