People Not Naming Babies "Sandy" Anymore

In the wake of both Hurricane Sandy and the shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, many people are choosing not to name their newborns "Sandy". I'm not sure why anyone would really shy away from naming their kid "Sandy" aside from how silly a name it is.

Unless you're a direct victim of Hurricane Sandy then it's pretty safe to name your kid Sandy now. No one's going to give you any flack for it. It's definitely a far cry from someone in New Orleans naming their daughter Katrina. Plus, if you're a victim of the hurricane then you can name your kid whatever you want, no one's a big enough asshole to criticize someone whose house disappeared.

And as far as Sandy Hook goes, I'm not sure why that affects the name Sandy. If your kid Sandy is introducing himself to some new people, what do you think the odds of them saying "Sandy! As in SANDY Hook Elementary School?!" are? Whoever makes that connection years from now is the one with the real problems. Do you think the hippies who just named their baby "Aurora" today were thinking about the Batman movie shooting in Colorado? People need to be more concerned with keeping their kids from being the next gunman than worrying about naming them something politically correct.

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