That's Not The Same E*Trade Baby

It's insulting that E*Trade thinks they can just use a different baby every couple of years and assume people won't notice the difference. The latest E*Trade baby is clearly a different person and to be honest, I didn't find him as entertaining as the original. I understand that babies grow up and become real people, but that doesn't mean you have to just throw them in a dumpster or furnace the way E*Trade might be doing for all we know.

I'm sick of having my intelligence insulted by people playing switcheroo with babies and I'm also sick of the babyist discrimination being shown by this brand. Babies are individuals and while they might all look the same to an ignorant babyist, if you take the time to look closely at their mannerisms and get to know them as babies you'll find that they're all very complex and intelligent beings that deserve to be treated as individuals. To you they're just mentally handicapped midgets who shit themselves every day, but to me, they're voiceless Americans. Well that voice is being heard, and it's saying "We are babies and we deserve respect!"

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