Redundant Phrases: "Good Samaritan"

Whenever you hear of a jogger who stopped to try and save a child from a burning building they're shown on the news and labeled a "Good Samaritan". The problem with this is that there's no such thing as a "Bad Samaritan" so you can just say "Samaritan".

The media likes to label people who walk by a fire without helping a "Bad Samaritan" but that's not true, that would just be a "Non-Samaritan". A true "bad Samaritan" would be someone who saw the fire that they had nothing to do with and grabbed a can of gas and threw it into the house to help the fire get worse. Has anyone in the history of Earth ever done anything like that?

Even if there was someone evil enough to want to do that they just didn't have the luck to walk by such a perfect situation for them with the appropriate tools to make the situation that much worse. So if a "bad Samaritan" doesn't exist then all Samaritans are automatically good so you can drop that off the title from here on out because you're making a goddamn fool out of yourselves!

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