Super Bowl Commercials Send A Bad Message

Football and other sports are notorious for lining up and intertwining ads for alcohol and cars, but the Super Bowl is special because now they throw babies into the mix. Babies, cars, and beer are the three subconscious messages that Americans take away from a Super Bowl viewing experience. Then we wonder why Cletus is swerving down the dirt road with his children clinging to the roof of his Dodge Ram.

What no one wants to accept is that playing with babies and boobs when you're drunk and driving is fun. That's what people want to do and the wealthy advertisers know this. How much longer till we see commercials for harder drugs than alcohol, you know, the kind that actually make you see smart aleck babies. I've got news for you though, when babies speak plain English to you in real life and you know it's not real, it's not cute nor is it funny, it's horrifying. And it damn sure isn't anything that makes you want to go online to sell and trade in the stock market.

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