Why Does Putting Things in Your Ears Feel Good?

Everyone knows your earholes are like tiny head vaginas that you can bone with q-tips to make your brain ejaculate pleasure and good feelings. My question is why did the human body evolve this way? The reason you can derive pleasure from banging your ear canal with tiny cotton dicks is because the earholes have a lot of nerve endings, but that doesn't explain why those nerve endings exist or why there's even pleasure from it. The human fingers have a lot of nerve endings, but q-tips don't do anything when you rub them on those. The curious thing is how deadly it can be to put things in your ears.

There should be absolutely no sensory reward for sticking things inside your ear canal! It should be like sticking things in your eye, there should be no pleasure AT ALL. Is it a temptation from god? Does using q-tips make you a slut? Why don't they make ear tampons for when my ears bleed? Why won't doctors answer my questions?

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