Ask McFartnuggets: "Is America Ready For A Woman MLB Manager?"

Connie Mack wasn't a real woman.
Dear McFartnuggets: Do you think a woman could ever be the manager of a professional baseball team? Isn't it weird how there are more women who could be the President of the United States of America than manage a professional baseball team?" -- Rop from Dechint, Michigan

Dear Rop: I think it's unfair to compare managing a Major League Baseball squad with being the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. Clearly it's much easier to be President. George W. Bush only owned the Texas Rangers, he could never have coached them on the field. Had he I'm sure he would have completely destroyed their chances of ever competing in MLB for decades.

People in general are more comfortable with the idea of a women being President because it's been done in other countries and because the President has control over men and women. As a baseball manager you only have control over men and that's a concept no one's comfortable with yet despite the fact that the title of President of the U.S. carries significantly more power than a manager in Major League Baseball. That's also the reason capable women don't bother learning about baseball tactics and all that crap. They'd rather devote their time to government and the goal of one day being leader of the free world.

I don't think someone like Hillary Clinton could be the manager of the Yankees even if she tried her best hand at it because they're two separate things.They might seem similar, but they are not and that's all there is to it. Usually the key to America getting used to something is having it in a movie first. People weren't sure if a Black guy could be President, then we all saw Morgan Freeman as the President in "Deep Impact" and that swayed a lot of people. That being said, there hasn't yet been a significant movie about a woman being a baseball manager. What's interesting is they have had movies about a child boy being a manager ("Little Big League") so that's not exactly encouraging. The movie has to come first. The question is, will Hollywood step to the plate?

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