Stupid Sayings: "Never Mix Business with Pleasure"

Whenever I'm smiling at work, this guy Eddie will come up and say "Don't mix business with pleasure!" and then I start frowning and feel sad. I don't understand this rule. I hear people always talking about finding something they have passion for and love doing for a living, but if you're not supposed to mix pleasure and business, how is that even possible? That rule means everyone has to be miserable at their workplace and I think that's wrong!

What if you're the owner of a adult sex toy store or something? Then you're already mixing business and pleasure before you even open the damn door. And if you're a prostitute you have to mix business in pleasure because if there's no pleasure there's no business! Who even made this phrase up? What a foolish rule it is! You should ALWAYS mix business and pleasure. The new saying should be "Always be in the business of pleasure!" That's what I've started saying to people at work lately. Sure they give me a weird look, but people probably gave Benjamin Franklin a lot of weird looks when he ran around talking about bifocals and making turkeys the national bird.

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