Why Are Rabbits The Only Animals With Lucky Feet?

Rabbits are really the only animal whose feet are lucky. Why? Someone just made it up and enough people agreed. If you're walking around with any other type of severed animal foot on your keychain you're considered a freak. Some people consider elephant's feet unlucky, but no shit, if you're just laying on the beach one day and you see an elephant's foot in your face, chances are you'll be dead within the next few seconds. So that makes sense, but the whole rabbits' foot being lucky thing doesn't. I could see the logic in the foot of a human being being lucky. Most people don't consider finding a human foot lucky, but actually when you report it to the police it can help them find a serial killer on the loose so that's a tremendously lucky thing.

Or you could just walk around with it jammed in your pocket. That's way luckier than a rabbit's foot because it will keep evildoers away from you. No one mugs a person wearing a human foot necklace. Sure it's a little cumbersome, but it's the luck that counts. "Hey Frank whatcha got there?" "Oh, haha yeah it's my new good luck charm." "Wow it looks so real... It's all pale and moist looking, God it stinks too! Where'd ya get it?" "Uhh... At a costume store..." then you say you have a previous engagement to get to and make a graceful exit.

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