Study Claims Fat People Can Be Bribed To Lose Weight

A study conducted at the Mayo Clinic has shown that people who were given a chance to win 20 dollars a month by sticking to a diet lost an average of 9 pounds a month. First off, the MAYO Clinic isn't the best place to be doing a weight loss experiment because the second that people see the sign they're automatically thinking about potato salad. That might seem like a minor issue, but it has to be a real subconscious factor. I'm sure you'd get less impressive weight loss results at the Mayo Clinic vs. the "Rat Feces and Rotten Cheese Testicles Clinic" if that were a real place. If people went into the Rat Feces and Rotten Cheese Testicles with Hobo Saliva and Herpes Sauce Clinic they'd probably be inspired to lose even more weight because their appetite would be discouraged rather than tantalized by the name. You can't name your clinic the "Delicious Cheesburger Institute" and expect to have people lose weight and Mayo isn't that far off.

As far as the actual study goes, the results reflect a sad state of affairs. These people will lose weight for immediate cash in their hands, but they won't lose weight when the cash isn't there even though losing weight and eating food lower in fat will lead to fewer doctor bills in the future. By losing weight now and becoming less obese these people are saving way more than they're making from this study. It's sad that people can't see that, but bacon is like a drug to some people. You sacrifice your future health for the enjoyment now. People say you're supposed to live for the moment, well if that's true the fire up the crack pipe, drink a gallon of pork grease, and have fun!

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