How to Get Strangers to Do Almost Anything with You

Let's say you're a weirdo who likes when people punch them in the stomach or likes giving strangers piggy back rides. Now normally these types of things are not activities that a complete stranger will want to engage in with you, but if you know this simple trick it's an easy. One thing I've learned recently is that people are suckers for a scavenger hunt. If you approach a group of strangers and tell them you're doing a scavenger hunt for charity there's really no telling what they'll feel comfortable doing with you.  Even if you don't say it's for a charity, people are more willing to give you a piggy back ride if they think it's for some fun summer camp internship thing as opposed to just some dude approaching them in a park.

Make sure to have your scavenger hunt list look legitimate. Print it out with professional type font and have an "Official Liver Disease Research Scavenger Hunt" header on top of the page so people have no reason to doubt you. It also helps to have someone else going around doing the same thing. If you can get enough likeminded people involved you can even start up your own totally real scavenger hunt and put one of everyone's weird ass activities on the list so they can then do that with the people they choose and it's a lot of fun.

It's important to remember this isn't illegal necessarily because you're only doing things that other people will consent to. If someone doesn't want to eat a Slim Jim out of your ass then they don't have to, but if they volunteer because they think it's for a good cause there's nothing wrong with that as long as they never find out and there's really no reason they ever should! So take your weird ass non-sexual stranger fantasies out onto the street and have fun. Or beware people who claim to be in scavenger hunts and ask to see proper ID and credentials before you assist them in cleaning their ears out with q-tips because you think it's to cure Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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