How to Put the "FUN" in "Funeral"

Anyone who's ever been to a funeral knows it's a huge bummer, everyone's crying and thinking about death. What people forget is that a funeral is supposed to be a celebration. With that in mind, here are some exciting ways to make your next funeral something that will keep people's frowns upside down and have people crying tears of joy.

1). Make it a costume party!

It's kind of hard to be in a sour mood when you're dressed like a slutty bumblebee surrounded by a cast of various colorful characters like Elmo, bloody surgeons, and slutty Abraham Lincolns.

2). Present a theatrical play!

Write, produce, and direct a theatre performance for the funeralgoers. It would be nice to throw in themes from the dead person's life to help honor the person. Or you can always do a Blue Man Group type of thing.

3). Flag football!

Football always livens up Thanksgiving, so why not a funeral? Just make sure to ease up when you're tackling the older folks there. You don't want to have to schedule another funeral while you're still in the middle of one.

4). Bingo night!

If the deceased person was super old then odds are their friends are too and that means they love Bingo. Maybe you can even have some of the dead person's personal offered up as prizes to keep it interesting.

Bingo is so much fun you'd have no idea this woman's grandmother just passed.
5). Singles mixer!

Nothing takes the pain away from losing a loved one like meeting a special new person. If one of the dead person's sons or daughters is single and you hook them up at the funeral they might one day look back on the funeral as something they're really glad happened.

6). Petting zoo!

Nothing livens the mood of an event quite like llamas. Just look at a llama and try to feel sad. It's virtually impossible.

7). Water balloon fight!

No one expects being hit in the face with a water balloon when they arrive at a funeral. At first it will be very awkward, but hopefully people will realize how fun it is and join in on the fun. Though please be advised there is a chance if you're dealing with people who don't have a sense of humor this can backfire very badly.

8). Laser tag!

This one involves you actually having a funeral in a laser tag arena. I'm not sure if you need a permit for that, but if you can pull this off, it is a great fun activity that really keeps the kids and younger people engaged.

Laser tag is so immersive you won't be able to remember your pain, for the moment.
 9). Musical chairs!

Musical chairs is great for funerals because it's a nice metaphor for life and death. You dance around the chairs to the music and when the music stops someone ends up flat on their ass. You keep going like this until there's one person left and the game is over because at that point the whole act of playing the game means nothing and everyone comes to the realization that it's not about the end result, but the fun that was had along the way.


The classic funeral is dark and dull, so what better way to spice things up than by hiring ten highly trained clowns to do balloon animals, juggle, and paint people's faces! You might think, "Wait, if people are supposed to wear black to a funeral, wouldn't it be better to hire mimes?" No. It wouldn't. Clowns are the way to go. Some people are afraid of clowns, but that's just because they're afraid of death and that's what funerals are all about.

This is what every funeral should look like.
When you've been to as many funerals as I have you start thinking up ways to keep things fun for everyone. I hope you get to plan loads of funerals and when you do I hope you follow some of my advice to make it fun because in the end it's about other people not yourself or the deceased person. Life is about helping others, never forget that. And yeah I do hope you have to plan lots of funerals. What would you rather I do, wish you don't? That would mean you're going to have to die pretty soon. Think about it.

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