Why Does Pope Francis Keep Asking People to Pray For Him?

It's been a little less than a week since Pope Francis took office in Vatican City and he's already receiving some stern criticism about his constant requests for prayers directed toward himself. PF asked for people's prayers when he was first revealed to the public on inauguration day and then again during a prayer session on Sunday and even his first official Tweet says "Dear friends, I thank you from my heart and I ask you to continue to pray for me. Pope Francis."

People are acknowledging Pope Francis as "the humble pope", but this tweet should be the last time he asks for any personal prayers unless he becomes sick or something. To many, it's beginning to come off as a little insecure. Personally, I feel like once you step into those robes you gotta be ready to go to work, son. You can't be running around in circles collecting prayers for a whole week. I'm going to give him a pass because he's the Pope and all, but seriously, let's get it together and start running with the ball here.

A lot of people are criticizing the pope for his first tweet because it also seems a bit self-centered. Why not ask people to pray for the starving or the sick or the homeless? Why does it always have to be about Pope Francis? How many prayers does one man need right now? He clearly got a bunch in his initial days and those should last for quite awhile.

People need to start using long term prayers for Pope's on their first day. Just pray that he does an awesome job Popeing and stays healthy and has a lot of fun for like twenty years. I think twenty years is a pretty safe amount of time. Don't just throw a weekly prayer at the dude because you'll have to keep renewing it and that's going to lead him to need to keep requesting these prayers and that's prayer time that's taken away from others who might need them a little bit more. Not to mention the guy is the POPE. How much holier can you get without being an actual deity? I'm sure God's prayers for him are pretty damn strong. It's probably a lot like how taxes in America work. God is the richest 1% so his taxes/prayers make up most of the total tax money and prayers, but the little people still need to contribute and when they don't the rich get pissed off. Just a reminder that it's almost time to get those taxes in!

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