Jodi Arias Likes Doing Handstands

The news has recently uncovered footage of Jodi Arias sitting around in an interrogation room doing handstands and laughing to herself and they're acting shocked like this is psychotic behavior. Apparently people in the media aren't aware of how relaxing doing handstands and laughing is. When I get stressed out the first thing I do is attempt a handstand and giggle incessantly to myself. You're talking about a woman who was caught murdering her ex-boyfriend so clearly she's going to be dealing with some severe stress. Would they have preferred her sitting there blank faced for hours? Personally I'd think that's more insane than doing handstands or jumping jacks or other exercises. It seems like the media really has it out for this woman and is ready to negatively judge anything she does even before she's been convicted.

Doing some exercise and singing is completely normal when you're stuck in a room alone. On top of that, it takes talent to do a handstand, especially with a camera there. Most people would have fallen over and been made to look like a complete ass. A truly insane person would be acting way worse than that. I think the problem is people aren't used to seeing ladies accused of such heinous acts in this day and age yet. Well wake up! It's the 21st century and women are striving for equality. If this was a male killer talking to himself and doing handstands would people be as concerned? I doubt it. I think it's about time we start treating women on the same level as men because day by day they're proving to be just as capable as men in any aspect of life whether it be the workplace, murdering people, or doing gymnastics in a police interrogation room.

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