Why Aren't There More Handicapped Politicians?

Ever since FDR there really haven't been too many notable U.S. politicians in wheelchairs or with prosthetic limbs. Wikipedia's list of American handicapped politicians only mentions 18 people including FDR as well as people like John McCain and Bob Dole who aren't obviously handicapped. Of all the thousands and thousands of people elected into the various political offices of America why so few people with physical disabilities?

You'd think there would be more, but maybe the fact there aren't says something about our culture and society. Are we less likely to vote for a politician in a wheelchair? If people balk at voting for an obese Chris Christie then what if Christie was human sized and in a wheelchair? I happen to think people would still be afraid to elect someone in a wheelchair and that sickens me. People who have suffered physical disabilities are just as capable as any legged or armed person. In fact, there way more inspirational right off the bat without having to even say a single word.

People would probably be afraid that a wheelchaired President would look weak and inferior to other world leaders. We'd have to lower all the podiums for speeches and shit, but I think we're forgetting one man, Professor Charles Xavier. The fact that Professor X was confined to a special chair and he led the X-Men to comic book greatness proves that strong leaders don't need the use of their legs. What bothers me is the fact that no one even mentions this lack of disabled people leadership. People always ask about when there's going to be a female President or a gay President, but no one's asking when there's going to be a limbless President and I think that has to enter the conversation because the handicapped are people too.

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