Having a Beard Prevents Skin Cancer

As we all know, face cancer is a serious issue that plagues both men and women across the globe. An Australian experiment has shown that having a full beard on your face can block up to 95% of harmful ultraviolet sun rays or the equivalent of wearing SPF 30 sunscreen. With the planet heating up more and the Sun's rays only getting stronger, this should be a wake up call to everyone that it's time to start growing beards.

There is going to come a time where everyone is going to need to have a beard whether they want to or not. This explains why people in Arabic countries always have beards. Most people in sunny countries have been using beards to protect against facial cancer for centuries and it's time for everyone else to follow suit.

If you're unable to grow a beard then there's always the option for a fake beard. All you have to do is carefully cut your pubic hairs at the desired length and bring them to a wig maker. They should be able to provide you a suitable face merkin. And if you're one of those people who grows beards way too fast then perhaps you should begin saving up your used beard hair because it's going to be very valuable in the near future. "Chin Cancer" isn't "something Chinese people get", it's a real disease and people need to start taking this shit seriously.

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