History Channel's "What Went Down" Series

THAT'S what's going down!
The History Channel has a series of shows called "What Went Down" where they document events like Pearl Harbor and Custer's Last Stand. The show is from 2009, but the weirdest thing is the title. It's kind of weird to see a History Channel show using slang terms. I feel like they wanted to add the word "Yo" at the end of it so the show was called "What Went Down, Yo!"

It's clearly an attempt to appeal to a younger audience to make history seem "phat" and "all dat", but I don't think it worked. It's like when your grandpa listens to Boys II Men records to try and be hip and relate to the younger generation, but all it does is make him look a lot older and it's sad to see.

Hopefully, History Channel has learned their lesson and sticks to their base from now on. If kids want to learn about History they will. Making a show called "What Went Down, Homie!" is patronizing to younger people and off-putting to older people. There were talks about them rebooting this series and callin the show "Thangs That Was Poppin' Mad Headlines Back in the Day" and I sincerely hope those were false reports. History Channel needs to learn from this mistake otherwise they may be doomed to repeat it!

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