Which Dating Site is the Best Out There?

Because of all the dating sites out there, this is the greatest time to be single. But so many choices can sometimes make finding the right person even more difficult. With J-Date, Christian Mingle, DesiCrush, SalaamLove, BuddhistConnect, Athiest Passions, and Agnostic Lovin' out there to choose from, which is the best?

I've tried them all and personally I've found that it's easier to pretend you're Atheist than all the other religions out there. If you're pretending to be Islamic most people can see right through that. Also, if you're going to use J-Date make sure you're circumcised otherwise that can be awkward. The Buddhist dating sites tend to suffer from a limited selection and when you're going out you can't go get barbecue so that's a bummer.

If only there was a dating site for people who pretend to be other religions to meet people. I've considered starting my own dating site called Religious Chameleon. The only thing that stops me is I think it'll be flooded with just creepy dudes. Of course, no plan is perfect. I think from now on I'm just going to go to the actual churches and temples instead of using the websites because you never know what kind of weirdo is just pretending to be of a certain religion and I want to just bypass that whole damn thing.

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