Stupid Hotwire.com Commercials with Giant People

The travel booking website Hotwire.com is facing a lot of criticism lately for their strange illogical series of commercials featuring giant people standing on America. In the commercials, these enormous freaks are talking about booking great plane deals and hotel rooms when it's quite obvious that they cannot fit into an airplane or any manmade structure currently in existence.

Furthermore, in the ads they often reference their desired travel destinations by gesturing to them only a few feet away from where they are standing. If you want to go there so bad how about you just shuffle over RIGHT NOW? I'm not sure what type of business you'd even be doing there, maybe attending a premier for "Jack the Giant Slayer"?

The most frequently aired commercial features a woman talking about how she's been training for a race in Chicago. Meanwhile, her foot has to be ten times the length of the race itself. Are you serious, Hotwire.com? Are you frigging serious? At least Travelocity has the good sense to use a midget. It might be one trapped in a wooden lawn gnome costume, but at least you get the sense this man needs great airfare deals and therefore would be the more reputable source of advisement in such matters.

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