The Top 5 Products You Should NEVER Sell Door-to-Door

Door-to-door sales is one of the most effective ways to market your product, but there are a few products that this strategy does not work well with. Vacuums and encyclopedias may work well, but If you are in any of these industries try not to go door-to-door because only bad things will come of it.

5). Condoms.

It might seem like a good idea to bring prophylactics to people since it saves them the trouble of going to the store to get them, but most people take offense to this especially if their children answer the door. You don't want to get involved in a mix up like that.

They make great loot bags for birthday parties, but no one wants to hear that.

4). Spiders.

A surprising amount of people have Arachnophobia and that's certainly not something you want to experience on a sales call. Also, most people's first reaction to a spider in their home is to exterminate it so a particularly bad sales pitch could result in the destruction of much of your product.

Too bad this is just an image and I can't hug this mafucka right now.

3). Doors.

Selling doors door-to-door is a flawed concept for the simple fact that if someone opens a door then they already have one. The only people who would be interested are people with no doors on their homes in which case that's not technically going door-to-door that's going from no-door-to-no-door. That being said, the best thing to sell no-door-to-no-door is doors.

2). Morning After Pills.

Most people don't like the insinuation that their daughters or wives are whores who have lots of unprotected, casual sex so attempting to sell Plan B pills door-to-door isn't a great idea.

They're not called Life Savers for nothing!

1). Sex Toys.

Sex toys seem like a good thing to sell to people in their homes because they're in private and can try things out. The only problem is when you're helping a woman try out a dildo in her room and hear the front door open and realize she's married and her husband has anger management issues and a gun.

Don't act like you've never used one of these before!

The art of door-to-door selling is quickly becoming lost on the younger generation and there are loads of things you shouldn't try to sell this way, but don't let that keep you from experimenting.

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