The New WNBA Logo is Slightly Underwhelming

Logos are an under appreciated form of art in the world today. If first impressions are the most important thing then an organization's logo has to be one of the most important aspects of their existence. The WNBA recently unveiled a new logo and it doesn't look too incredible. To be fair, all the most famous artists in the world have been men for some reason, but I don't buy into that whole art sexism thing because I believe women are more artistic than men. Then again we're talking about a predominantly lesbian organization so who knows what the hell is going on there.

You'd really think that a company that's been criticized for being boring would try harder to make their logo look more exciting, but at least they're being consistent. They could have gone overboard and made a totally amazing logo that would knock people's pants off, but they wanted to be true to themselves and they have to be commended for that. The sad thing is that the National Federation of the Blind has a logo and it's considerably better looking than the new WNBA logo. Now, blind people can't see their logo or even be 100% sure that it exists, but it still looks like they put more effort into it than the WNBA did for theirs. There are more colors and it just looks livelier.

Not bad for a bunch of blind people, eh?!
The blind knew that because they're blind they needed to up the ante when it came to their logo for people to take them seriously, but the WNBA really dropped the ball on this one and it's inexcusable. The problem is their main demographic is young girls and you really need to appeal kids visually. The NBA does that through their electrifying on-court action, but the WNBA needs to explore alternate methods of attracting kids and a dull ass orange logo that looks like they scraped it off the cutting room floor from that Will Ferrell ABA movie won't get the job done.

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