The Top 5 Rarest Physical Deformities on Earth

From having no arms or hair to being born with your heart outside your rib cage, the world is full of horrible deformities and freaks, but there are certain deformities that you really never see. I know a lot of freaks with various physical deformities and I'm totally fine with that I think deformities make people unique, but these five conditions are things I've never personally seen. It could be due to the fact that anyone with them dies as a child so they never grow up for me to see or meet them, but I also watch a lot of TLC shows about child midgets and people with 500 lb tumors growing out of their ass so I'm fairly well versed when it comes to the deformed. These are just things I've never seen on TV or in real life.

5). Born with only one ear.

Babies can be born with a lot of weird crap going on including having their entire body inside out, but you never see a baby with just one ear.

One ear means never being able to fully enjoy Dolby surround sound IMAX movies.

4). Having only one leg and one arm.

This isn't even one that has to happen at birth which would be very rare, but even people who have accidents and lose an arm never lose their opposite sided leg. Despite the fact they have to be more reliant on their other limbs when one is missing, you hardly ever hear of a guy who only has his right arm and left leg. It would provide an odd balance, but it's incredibly rare.

3). Born with only one nostril.

This one isn't even that big of a deal, but you never see it. When was the last time you met someone with only one nostril? It's like for some reason a baby can be born with a liquid skeleton or genitals that look like a tire fire, but god forbid you forget to give a kid two nostrils! It's like no matter what happens there's two of everything there needs to be.

2). Born with no tongue

Tongues are pretty important, especially to lesbians and "foodies", but I'd argue that genitals and skulls are more important and people are born without those all the time. Have you ever met anyone who doesn't have a tongue? I'd think you'd remember if you did! Being born with a cleft lip is extremely common, but no tongue? That's totally off-limits.

Sometimes people are tongueless because they've had them cut out forcibly, but who was the last baby you met without a tongue?

1). Born with one eye smaller than the other.

This one puzzles me the most because you'd think at least one time there'd be someone with a tiny eye the size of a pea or something or even a marble and a normal sized eye. Or a normal sized eye and a giant Christmas tree ornament eyeball, but it just doesn't happen. No matter how much of a freak you are, odds are your eyes are the same exact size. Babies are born with AIDS and crinkled up limbs, clubbed feet, mentally handicapped, but I have never seen a baby with two different sized eyes. To be fair, that's probably one of the most disturbing physical deformities someone can have, but if the weird eye works I don't see the problem.

Even freakass koalas have eyes the same size.

If you have any knowledge of people with these deformities please let me know. I'm sure the one about limbs is more common than I think, but the others still puzzle me relentlessly and I spend many a night wondering about them so if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

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