Great Original Adult Pinata Filling Ideas!

If you want fly honeys like this at your shindig ya betta have a pinata!
One of the biggest problems Americans are facing these days is trying to answer the question "What am I going to stuff my pinata with?" Pinatas aren't just for kids parties, EVERYONE enjoys pinatas and they're a great way to relieve stress. So for your next big office party, think about getting a pinata and filling it with some of these great adult pinata stuffings:

1). Fresh Bagels.

Everyone loves bagels, well aside from people with gluten intolerance. You can also have separate smaller pinatas filled with cream cheese and butter, maybe even a lox or egg salad option if you've got a decent budget to work with. Plus, the look one people's faces when pumpernickel bagels start flying out of a pinata is priceless. People really aren't expecting something like that.

2). Condoms.

Every great adult party ends with an orgy and when you're making passion with so many different people it's important to stay protected that means condoms should be available for everyone. Even if you're throwing a children's party, any clown worth his water squirting flower can make condoms into fun balloon animals.

3). Plastic or Rubber Dildos.

I stress plastic and rubber dildos because glass is not the best thing to be swinging a baseball bat at. You fill a pinata with glass dildos and when it breaks open an explosion of glass shards flies out and blinds everyone, it's a big mess. Even if there isn't a glass shower, there's always the chance a hairline crack has occurred in the dildos and that can be very dangerous later on when they're being used. Rubber dildos are probably the best for parties because then you can throw them at people like boomerangs and have a giant rubber dildo throwing game of tag in the backyard or park and that's a lot of fun.

4). Birth control pills.

If you're going to make a pinata filled with morning after pills just make sure there are no kids around. I don't know what happens when a kid eats a handful of birth control pills, but I assume it can't be good. I heard they vanish in a puff of smoke, but no one should want to find out if that's true or not. Nothing starts a great party like everyone having a pocketful of morning afters.

Hopefully those ideas help fill your pinata up real nice! Remember, it's all about the stuffing!

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