You've Gotta Be Poopin' Me!: HD Vision Sunglasses

There's an infomercial out for sunglasses that claim to give you "HD Vision". The idea is that you look at a lake and it looks like a normal boring lake, but then you put on the sunglasses and see it in amazing vivid high definition. This has to be the stupidest thing I've heard of all day. Life is already in HD! The whole point of HD TV is to make TV look like real life. The greatest TV ever made could only make something look like it's right in front of you and that's still not yet possible with modern technology. 1080p displays 2.1 megapixels while scientists have estimated the human eye to display approximately 576 megapixels. There's simply no comparison.

Who has ever thought "I wish real life looked as good as HD TV!" If you've ever thought that then you either need eyeglasses or a mental evaluation. If you have any inclination to see the world sharper or more vivid then that's a sign that you should book an eye exam with your local optometrist. The answer is not going to be "HD sunglasses". And in case you were wondering, real life is already in 3D too so don't buy any "Real Life 3D Sunglasses" from anyone either. Unless you have an eye missing, everything should already be 3D. Maybe next they can come up with bubble gum that tastes like pure arctic, crisp water. You've gotta be poopin' me!

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