Why Are Moths Attracted To Light?

Aww... How terrifying.
I always wondered why moths were attracted to light, but then I remembered that most creatures are! It's not a big deal! Making a huge issue of moths being attracted to light is very offensive to the moth community. It'd be like going up to a Peruvian who was reading a book and saying "Why are you reading that, you're Peruvian..." Does that put it into some type of context for you? Even humans are attracted to light. If you're just hanging out in the woods alone one night digging a hole and you see a carnival in the distance chances are you're going to go over to see what's crackin'.

If you're hanging out in a field and you see a light in the sky, you're gonna go toward it and furthermore you'll probably think it's a UFO. Moths aren't naive enough to believe in UFOs they just congregate near light for the joy of light. I wish we humans could say the same thing. We're not so much different than moths. So the next time you're wondering to yourself why moths are attracted to light, take a damn look in the mirror and realize we're just giant moths with ears wandering around this planet of nonsense.

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