Dumbass Sayings "You Can Dish It Out, But You Can't Take It!"

Let's say that as a joke you pranked someone by drawing a giant vagina on their forehead in permanent marker while they're asleep. They were upset and so the next day they drugged you tattooed a very realistic looking penis onto your chin. You want to press charges and threaten to sue them for the money it's going to take for tattoo removal and they say, "Aww, you can dish it out, but you can't take it!" Yeah... So? Is that a problem? Hell There's nothing wrong with being able to dish it out and not being able to take it.

Most police officers can't take being shot in the chest, but does that mean they should hesitate to take out a murderer? Then the murderer gets murdered so he dished it out and took it, is he glad that happened? Does that prove anything? You don't go your whole life thinking "Before I do this, would I want this to happen to me?" People can handle putting their penis into another person, but when that's turned around it becomes a completely different situation that most people can't handle. Does that make them worthy of ridicule? I doubt it. The next time someone says "You can dish it out, but you can't take it!" Say it right back to them and end the whole interaction.

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