Should Food Be Airdropped for Polar Bears to Help Them Survive?

A polar bear expert has proposed an idea to air drop food for polar bears in the wild at a cost of $32,000 a day. Experts estimate there are around 22,500 polar bears alive in the wild. China meanwhile has already spent around $100 billion dollars so far trying to save pandas and they say there are approximately 1,600 living pandas. Saving endangered species is a huge expense that grows over time usually with poor results.

I can't imagine how anyone with the conscience to want to save these animals can ignore the fact that the money could be spent on dropping raw meat into Detroit or someplace where humans need it just as much. People who are against government handouts should hate government handouts to animals even more. The only people who will support this idea are the people who really love polar bears for no reason.

I don't know what's so appealing to people about polar bears. Is it because they're white? If there were black bears out there instead would anyone give a damn? I doubt it! The only time polar bears do anything cool it's usually CGI'ed into a Coca-Cola commercial. Real life polar bears are messed up. If you don't believe me, run up to one some time and give it a big cuddly hug. At least that way it'll have a free hot lunch.

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