Will Dennis Rodman Be Able to Prevent World War III?

If North Korea were to make good on their threats to strike the United States with a nuclear missile, the U.S. would have no choice, but to retaliate which could then create a potential World War III situation where Russia, China, Iran and the rest of America's enemies in the Middle East team up in an attempt to destroy the U.S. and their allies. It's a frightening thought and what's most frightening perhaps is the one man that can stop it is retired NBA star and "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant, Dennis Rodman.

In February, Rodman had a much publicized trip to North Korea to meet with that nation's leader, Kim Jong-Un. The two became close and maintain a strong friendship. This friendship could be the key to preventing the next great war. People criticized Rodman for going into North Korea and kicking it with the man who's been threatening the U.S. with nuclear annihilation, but because he was able to become BFFs with the Jong-Un that might be the only real thing stopping missiles from flying the Pacific. If North Korea does decide to instigate WW III, a call from "The Worm" may be the only thing between your current life now and the complete destruction of everything you've ever held dear.

Perhaps the real solution here is to send more basketball stars and other celebrities into North Korea to further engraciate America to Kim Jong-Un. I mean if the guy loves Rodman, imagine how wet his pants would get if he met Scottie Pippen or Luc Longley! I'd imagine a signed basketball from Toni Kukoc and Steve Kerr would go a long way. And you know he'd lose his shit if he even got a phone call from Michael Jordan. If these NBA stars are all able to befriend the North Korean leader then perhaps when it finally comes time to push the red button on America, Jong-Un will stop, look over to his Chicago Bulls NBA championship trophy and signed jersey collection and decide against it, saving millions upon millions of human lives. According to CNN, Rodman is planning to return to North Korea in August 2013, but will it be too late?

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