Is Horsemeat Really That Bad?

Everyone's getting their thong stuck in their ass over horsemeat leaked into beef and other meats. Horse meat isn't the best thing out there, but it's not the worst either. Taco Bell WISHES they had access to horsemeat. There are folks in Somalia who would kill just to suck the crap off a horse's hoof and people have the nerve to complain about some horsemeat getting into their precious beef?

I know horses are smart, beautiful creatures, but so are cows and steer. I can just as easily befriend a cow as I can a horse. I mean sure the cow doesn't run that fast when I put my saddle on it and the owner of the dairy farm calls the cops, but still. Cows are awesome creatures, yet we don't blink for a second before carving them up.

What's really the difference between cows and horses besides speed? Have we just decided we won't eat the friendly animals? Sadly that means many animals who truly are friendly and just can't express it properly end up on our plates. Now drinking horse milk, that's fucked up.

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