Denzel Washington's Obsession with Trains

For some reason the famed actor Denzel Washington appears to have a serious love of trains. One of his more recent films was "Unstoppable" where he tries to stop a runaway freight train. The film he made before that was "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" which was a remake of a classic New York subway heist film. There's also a key scene in the 1995 film "Virtuosity" where Denzel chases Russell Crowe around trains. And of course one of his most notable roles was in a movie called "Training Day" which technically had nothing to do with actual trains, but the word "Train" is very prominent in the title.

So the question a lot of people are asking is, what's the deal with Denzel Washington and trains? Is this guy a trainaholic or something? Is he a trainiac? Is he seeing anyone about this train addiction he's got? Clearly it's something deep rooted and it's bleeding into his professional life so there's an issue here that needs to be resolved. Is there rehab for train addicts? Maybe there's a special commune he can spend a few months in where he's able to play with Lionel train sets and slowly ween himself down to watching episodes of "Thomas the Tank Engine" until this whole issue is reduced to just a minor interest in trainsportation.

Denzel has most recently made the move to planes in the film "Flight". It seems like an obvious way to switch over to another mass transportation method. I salute him for the attempt, but going from trains to planes is like going from alcohol to bath salts, it's not really a solution. Let's see if he follows this up with something non-transportation related, but if it's a car movie you know he's just running the gamut of planes, trains, and automobiles. Could that lead to the tragic outcome that John Candy faced? Or will he follow in the path Steve Martin laid out instead? Only time will tell.

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