How to Keep Your Nipples from Showing Through Your Shirts

Skin Cancer or inverted nipple? You be the judge.
If you're like me then you'll be ice dancing at the local lake when it's frozen over in your Elmo t-shirt and a red matching thong and people will pass by and laugh at you. They take pictures and point and say mean, unsupportive things. You wonder why they're mocking you, then you look down and see that your nipples look like a pair of toucan beaks under your shirt. It's an awful feeling to experience ridicule from others for something that's so avoidable and easy to remedy.

What I like to do to make sure my nip-nippers never end up coming through my shirt like demon faces coming through the gates of hell is cover them up in duct tape. I take around 15 to 20 strips 20 centimeters long and lay them across each nipple so that the tape creates a mound that eliminates the form of the nipple. Then when I put on a shirt when it's really cold out you can't see a specific nipple structure, it just appears to be a mound, flat silver dollar pancake nipple which is much less embarrassing.

Just be very careful when removing the duct tape. This actually hurts a lot no matter how slowly you take the tape off so I usually just leave the tape on for months until I'm risking a medical problem if I don't remove it. So if you're one of those people suffering from disturbingly large nipples that get too firm in a breeze or cold weather then try my method and let me know how it works for you!

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